About Our Enzymes

What are digestive enzymes, and what do they do?

Digestive enzymes are naturally produced by the pancreas and work to break down the food you eat, allowing the nutrients to be absorbed by your body. Pancreatic function can decline for a lot of reasons, such as age, genetics, disease, infection, and injury. Taking supplemental digestive enzymes supports natural pancreatic function by helping your pancreas digest food. This promotes nutrient absorption and relieves the discomforts/symptoms associated with undigested food, such as gas, bloating, low energy, pain or tiredness after eating, nausea and more.

What symptoms can digestive enzymes help with?

Digestive enzymes can provide relief for a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating, pain after eating, low energy/mental acuity, nausea, tiredness, inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, anxiety, and more! We have witnessed a surprisingly wide range of symptoms resolved by digestive enzymes, so if you are interested in hearing more, please subscribe to our email list!

How do I know if digestive enzymes will work for me?

If you suffer from gas, bloating, low energy, pain or sleepiness after eating, inflammation, bacterial overgrowth, or other gastrointestinal discomfort, you may have enzyme deficiency and not even know it. The simplest way to determine if digestive enzymes can solve your ailments is to try them!

Enzyme deficiency is far more common than most people think and causes a variety of symptoms. These symptoms are often misattributed by doctors, resulting in an incorrect diagnosis. According to Healthline, pancreatic insufficiency (aka lack of digestive enzymes) is the Number 1 missed diagnosis out of all gastrointestinal conditions. Even when doctors do test for pancreatic function,  the test has a high specificity, but a low sensitivity. Basically, this means that it is great at confirming pancreatic insufficiency in the most severe cases, but lower levels of pancreatic insufficiency are not detected. Unfortunately, many of these individuals can go years, decades, or longer living with unresolved GI distress. We will share many of these case studies to our email subscribers as they are what led to BoulderBio's founding.

How is BoulderBio's formulation superior?

Clinical data is clear on which enzymes are effective and the levels of activity that are necessary for a therapeutic effect, and unsurprisingly, it is the three that are normally produced by the pancreas:

  • Lipase - breaks down fat (Therapeutic Activity Level: 40,000 FIP)
  • Protease - breaks down proteins (Therapeutic Activity Level: 100,000 HUT)
  • Amylase - breaks down starches (Therapeutic Activity Level: 3,755.5 SKB or 180,264 HUT)

Our formulation is the only over the counter product with the clinically relevant enzymes at their recommended levels of activities. Other products contain a fraction of the necessary levels of activity and usually contain many 'filler' enzymes. 

BoulderBio's enzymes do not contain 'filler' enzymes or blends, ever. Only lipase, protease, amylase, and Nu-flow, a proprietary agent extracted from rice that ensures maximum bioavailability and activity.

What are filler enzymes and blends?

Filler enzymes is a term we coined to describe the multitude of other enzymes found within other products. They are not used clinically and are simply a marketing tactic to make the product seem more effective than it is. To put it simply, if they were effective, they would be present in prescription digestive enzymes, which they are not. BoulderBio’s products will never contain useless filler enzymes.

Companies use the term 'blend' commonly in supplements. They can be used to protect formulations, but they are also used to hide ingredients and to hide other relevant information such as levels of activity. BoulderBio’s products will never contain blends.

Why is indigestion a cause for concern?

Undigested food is problematic for two reasons:

  1. The nutrients in undigested food are unable to be absorbed by the body, which can cause symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, malnourishment, vitamin deficiency, anxiety, etc.
  2. Food is not meant to remain in the digestive tract when undigested, so when it does, it causes symptoms such as inflammation, discomfort (gas, bloating, nausea, etc.), bacterial overgrowth, and more

How should BoulderBio digestive enzymes be taken?

Digestive enzymes are designed to be taken with every meal or large snack. One capsule of BoulderBio fermented enzymes is enough for most people, but additional capsules can be taken if needed. 

What happens if you take digestive enzymes and you don't need them?

Our enzymes only consist of enzymes that are naturally present in the GI tract, taking them unnecessarily is not a cause for concern.