Therapeutic Strength Enzymes Formulated by Scientists

Improve digestion, decrease inflammation, and reclaim your gut health! Our enzymes are designed to support nutrient absorption and reduce symptoms of chronic GI distress such as gas, bloating, and more.

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Harnessing the Power of Mushrooms

BoulderBio has partnered with the country's leading gastroenterology experts to formulate the only therapeutic strength product available over the counter. Our proprietary, plant-based enzyme therapy harnesses the power of mushroom fermentation, allowing us to create the most pure, powerful enzyme on the market.

  • Simple

    Our product contains the only three scientifically proven enzyme ingredients, at the strength supported by clinical dosing studies. No filler enzymes, blends, or guesswork.

  • Smart

    We utilize mushrooms' natural genetic machinery to maximize enzyme production without synthetic agents, leading to unmatched potency and purity.

  • Sustainable

    Through the use of small-batch microbial fermentation, there's no need to rely on harmful industrial agriculture or pesticides, leading to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly product. Made right here in the USA.

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The only clinical strength digestive enzyme available over the counter.

Our enzymes help maximize nutrient absorption, optimize protein intake, prevent diarrhea/loose stools, and relieve GI distress. They are 10x stronger than the leading over the counter enzymes. We are a small, family owned company who cares about the ingredients that go into our product.

BoulderBio Other Enzymes
Made from small batch microbial fermentation Made from pig or cow pancreas
Active in stomach and small intestine Only active in small intestine
Clinically supported dose 25% (or less) of the recommended dose
Straightforward, transparent ingredients Enzyme ‘blends’ = unlisted ingredients, fillers